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Pandora AMP “Fresh Cuts” Featured Artist

Amie Bishop performs at Revival in Benton and Dugan’s Pub in Little RockThe Slingerz Female Fronted Independent Rock Act | Arkansas

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Vanzig Rock-N-Roll for Airheads: Sons of Thunder #1

Vanzig Rock-N-Roll for Airheads: Amie Bishop


"I need more Amie Bishop's to work with in my life!"  Alicia Johnson-Events/Marketing Coordinator/FestiVille, Jacksonville, AR. 

“The echos of Amie Bishop’s beautifully husky vocals and unmissable hooks make her new track ‘Dust’ a must listen for fans of alternative soft rock.”  


"This is like Black Honey we were talking about, like the un-produced version of it. I like her voice. I like the song a lot. I like the instrumentation of it. I like how she is controlling her voice. Unfortunately, people who can sing like this will over do the vibrato but she doesn't. I would definitely put it on. She has a really good voice, I dig it." - Squeeze & Carly  

Vanzig Studios Music - Rock N Roll for Airheads - Sons of Thunder #1  

“Hypnotic female voice beckons us and lures us with her lyrics and attitude. A slow acoustical guitar and percussion strum and beat their way into an interlude with the truth that uplifts this song. The song speaks for itself with instructions by the female artist. A nice acoustical interlude comes our way at the 2: 22 mark, which was unexpected. Nice tune!” -Reverbnation Crowd Reviewer 2019. (Featured Artist Crowd Pick Review).”  

Reverbnation Crowd Review-Crowd Review

"A great Rock/Americana track with menacing atmosphere led by a big, powerful vocal performance backed with banging drums, plodding keys, and sliding electric guitar."


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